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Basic Concepts and Models for Interpreter and Translator Training (Benjamins Translation Library) - Daniel Gile

I got this book because I really need to improve my interpretation skills, thanks to my new job.  There are no reviews of this book anywhere, so I figured it might be nice to put my own thoughts somewhere.  


This book was published in 1995, and it really shows its age, especially when it comes to sources to build your knowledge base.  Since we now have plenty of online dictionaries/articles, as well as the ability to contact specialists regardless of where you live, his suggestions for gathering information are not really applicable anymore.  His guidelines for confirming the reliability of your sources is still applicable to internet searches, though, so these sections are still worthwhile.


This book is focused primarily on teaching in a classroom setting.  I assumed from the title that it could be used for individual study, and certain parts or chapters have been helpful to me, but there are lists of exercises, and teaching suggestions in every chapter, and a lot of his focus is on providing teachers with good methods.  


There is a pretty awesome illustration of capacity required for simultaneous interpretation.  After expressing these capacity requirements as though it were a math formula, the author then includes an illustration, for easier comprehension.  The variables are guests, and the host must provide them with booze.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since this author is a French translator/interpreter.  


Overall, I think this was a pretty good book, despite being pretty outdated.  I got some useful information about techniques, and some references for the future.  Unfortunately, since the author's B language is French, a lot of the examples and resources he lists are in French.